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Your Ultimate Resource and Knowledge Base for Central Bank Digital Currency (CBDC) and the Technologies Powering the Digital Economy

Deep-dive into CBDC

From beginner to advanced, gain an understanding of key definitions, what makes it different from cryptocurrency, and how CBDCs will shape the future financial landscape.

Stay Updated with Global Progress

Track CBDC progress by region and country. From pilot programs to real-world end-user adoption, gain insights into which geographies are leading in CBDC.

Unravel Banking Tech Innovations

Explore the latest in digital banking platforms, cloud banking, APIs, and the role each play in revolutionising transactions.

Key Features

Meet the Key Players

From central banks to top-tier tech vendors, learn who’s who and their role in the CBDC arena.

Exclusive Resources & Tools

Benefit from handpicked research papers, case studies, expert opinions, and interactive tools such as the CBDC Adoption Map.

Only on αLP

Subscriber-only publication summaries, industry expert analysis on companies and their products.

What’s your role? Learn how αLP will equip you for your CBDC journey.

Central Bank

Stay up to date on global CBDC and digital payment initiatives. Explore the progress of countries in your region and beyond, learn about their chosen technology providers and gain insights into pilot and deployment outcomes.

Commercial Bank

Prepare for CBDC! Find out the CBDC developments in your jurisdiction(s), understand the architecture your central bank has chosen to pursue and what that will mean for your bank and its required integration with the new currency system.

Technology Provider

Research which countries are currently exploring CBDC deployment, learn about the competitive landscape and discover potential opportunities for partnership.


Let αLP be your one-stop-shop for staying informed on CBDC progress, be the primary source for accessing key research papers and articles, and be your guide through this exciting once in a lifetime transformation of the financial ecosystem.

Beginning with global CBDC projects, the αlpha Knowledge Platform will expand to include information on all digital financial services and related initiatives, continuing to provide expertly curated and highly relevant information right at your fingertips.

Coming in November, 2023:

  1. Information on all major stablecoin and tokenized deposits initiatives
  2. Introduction to key terms and concepts in the digital currency and payment space

Coming in December, 2023:

  1. Information on major blockchain initiatives relevant to financial services

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