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The Universal Digital Payments Network

The UDPN is the first global payments messaging network that enables seamless and transparent digital currency transactions for banks, businesses, and their clients. The network supports regulated stablecoins and CBDC payments, bolstering market efficiency and financial inclusion. The UDPN decentralised infrastructure supports third-party smart contracts deployment and execution of value-added financial or payment-related services.

The network uses Distributed Ledger Technology (DLT) and is governed by its members in an objective, consensus-based decision-making process that safeguards all parties’ interests.

Chavanette has been involved since the UDPN’s inception and is the Director of the UDPN Advisory Council.

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The Alpha Knowledge Platform (αLP) is your ultimate resource and knowledge base for Central Bank Digital Currency (CBDC) and the financial technologies powering the Digital Economy.

Stay up to date on global CBDC and digital payment initiatives. Explore the progress of countries in your region and beyond, learn about their chosen technology providers and gain insights into pilot and deployment outcomes.
Research which countries are currently exploring CBDC deployment, learn about the competitive landscape and discover potential opportunities for partnership.

Let αLP be your one-stop-shop for staying informed on CBDC progress, be the primary source for accessing key research papers and articles, and be your guide through this exciting once in a lifetime transformation of the financial ecosystem.

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