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CBDC NOW – Handbook and Encyclopedia Volume II: Key Stakeholders

cbdc key stakeholders

We have just released the second volume of our CBDC NOW Handbook and Encyclopedia!

From Concept to Reality: The Journey of CBDC Creation

The “CBDC NOW Handbook and Encyclopedia” is an extensive, ten-volume compendium designed to guide senior management and operational teams of central banks, as well as all stakeholders involved in the realm of Central Bank Digital Currency (CBDC). This handbook offers crucial insights and best practices for comprehending, executing, and overseeing the deployment of CBDC in an ever-evolving digital financial landscape.

Volume II of the “CBDC NOW Handbook and Encyclopedia,” titled “Key Stakeholders,” delves into the diverse and critical roles integral to the successful deployment of Central Bank Digital Currencies (CBDCs). This volume offers an in-depth exploration of how central banks, government bodies, financial institutions, technology providers, legal experts, policy architects, and end-users collectively contribute to the robust architecture of a CBDC. It emphasizes the collaborative nature and shared vision necessary to navigate the complex CBDC landscape.

The central bank’s role as a collaborative leader, the technological and innovative contributions of financial institutions and tech providers, and the crucial input of legal and policy experts are thoroughly examined. Central to this volume is the focus on end-users, whose experiences and expectations are pivotal in measuring the success of CBDCs. This volume is an essential guide for anyone seeking to understand the multifaceted approach to CBDC creation, promising a future of more cooperative, inclusive, and innovative financial systems.


CBDC NOW – Handbook & Encyclopedia Overall Volume Breakdown


  1. Design and Deployment: In-depth strategies and methodologies for initiating CBDC.
  2. Key Stakeholders: Identifying and engaging with critical players in the CBDC ecosystem.
  3. Post Deployment Considerations: Managing and Optimizing CBDCs Post-Launch.
  4. Macro and Micro Economic Policy Considerations: Policy implications at both macroeconomic and microeconomic levels.
  5. Legal and Regulatory Considerations: Navigating the Legal and Regulatory Framework.
  6. Global CBDC Outlook: A Worldwide Perspective on CBDC Development and Trends.
  7. Environmental Impact and Sustainability: Assessing and Enhancing the Green Footprint of CBDC.
  8. Continuous Improvement: Strategies for ongoing development and evolution of CBDC systems.
  9. R&D: Past and Present: Historical context and current research in CBDC.
  10. Endnotes, Appendix, and Biography: Comprehensive references and contributor acknowledgments.

This indispensable resource pools a wealth of research from esteemed entities like the BIS, IMF, and World Bank, alongside contributions from a diverse array of central banks, tech vendors, and scholars. It presents a holistic view of the CBDC landscape, reflecting a spirit of collaboration and shared knowledge.


The “CBDC NOW Handbook and Encyclopedia” is more than a guide; it’s a journey towards understanding and mastering the intricacies of CBDCs, fostering a successful transition into the digital financial future. It serves as a cornerstone for central banks and stakeholders, underpinned by robust knowledge and cooperative synergy among all involved entities.


cbdc key stakeholders

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